2 thoughts on “We’re moving!!!

  1. Hi,
    Stopped by your booth at Highland Square as you were trying to pack-up after a long day and bought an Akron t-shirt 2T for my grandson and a shirt for my husband. Our grandson was born in MN, so sent a photo to son-in-law and he said sure he can wear it, he will match our coasters! LOL
    Anyway thanks for being so pleasant.
    On a business note, I own Stagecoach Antiques, Inc, just down the street from Highland Square and was thinking of possibly having some shirts made for our business. Would this be something you have an interest in helping with???
    Thanks again,
    Eileen Moats
    Stagecoach Antiques, Inc.
    449 W. Market St
    Akron, OH 44303

    1. Hi Eileen –

      Sorry for the delay in my response – things have been crazy here! Unfortunately, right now I would not have the time to take on any custom printing jobs. Sorry I am not able to help you out with this.



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