50% Profits to Laura’s Home

Keeping this giving train rolling during these strange times: this time for an issue near and dear to my heart, Laura’s Home (part of @thecitymission) who provide food, shelter, safety, and support for women and children experiencing instability and dangerous situations. As a child, I needed to go to a shelter like this. Thank god such organizations exist, but right now they are experiencing even greater need as isolation is known to exacerbate abusive or unsafe situations.

My unending thanks to all who have shared and ordered since quarantine began. Like most of us right now, my money is tight and uncertain – this is one small way I can try to generate funds to support our community. Because of all of you we have been able to support @clefoodbank@clehomeless@pretermclevelandohio – nearing $300 in direct donations since quarantine began.

Thank you all so much, stay safe and healthy! Much love.


If you’d like to donate to Laura’s Home direct, be sure to designate as such via the City Mission’s website: https://www.thecitymission.org/givehope/

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