Fundraising Update

Here is the next big line up for APE MADE donations. Planning to keep these going as long as I am financially able. 

The capitalist nature of these donation periods have had me feeling weird about promoting these. Tying social justice movements and organizations to sales promotion for my small biz feels… kind of gross. I started running these cash donations back in 2016 as a way to support local orgs doing the work – I don’t personally have a lot of money to give BUT I do have a lot of art and merchandise that I can generate donations with. I feel a responsibility to use the tools and resources available to me to leverage support for causes I care about. So was my thinking.

I’m happy to be able to fundraise and support in this way, and will definitely continue to do so – but I won’t be sharing so much or so often on social media. (Sharing here now for transparency – for future reference, you can view all past giving history back to 2014 (when I began keeping giving records) via APE MADE at I try to keep the donations local whenever possible, and am open to new suggestions on groups to donate to.

Huge thanks to all who have ordered APE MADE online since quarantine began, because of you we are currently at $1599 in cash donations made to @clefoodbank @clehomeless @pretermclevelandohio @thecitymission @refugeeresponse @splcenter @teamopawl @blm_216 @tamirricefoundation @lgbtcleveland

🖤 Stay safe and strong, everyone. Much love. 🖤

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